Board Of Directors

StratosHear is comprised of people from leading educational institutions and corporations, each bringing unique experiences and excellence to the team while sharing a common vision and goal.

Founder & COO - Tahseen Jamal



Tahseen is the founder of StratosHear and the man in charge of it all. He has been responsible for the overall progress, strategy and action at StratosHear. His belief in the growth of the mobile ecosystem and leveraging StratosHear as one of the catalysts in developing that mobile ecosystem was the foundation stone on which StratosHear was built.
Tahseen has been instrumental in developing all the products and doing various strategic partnerships for business expansion. He has more than 10 years of experience in various domains ranging from Engineering, Project delivery to providing consultancy to various Multinational Organizations in the domain of Technology, Manufacturing, Private Equity, Oil & Gas, and Energy. At StratosHear he handles it all, strategizing business development, product deployment and expansion apart from being instrumental in operational activities of the company. Tahseen holds an MBA in Analytical Finance and Strategic Marketing from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and an engineering degree from Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Calcutta.

His gusto and enthusiasm keeps the wheel moving at StratosHear