Mobile app monetization

What is Mobile App Monetization?

Mobile Ads have now become one of the most efficient ways to promote your product or service. There are various approaches to mobile advertising which is used to fulfill the need of linking advertisers to websites. StratosHear is one of those mobile advertising type agencies which use different types of ad networks to complete their tasks. The idea lies in the fact that target should be to adapt and iterate on each app monetization strategy and go forward with the one which works best to monetizean app. These ad networks focus on serving ads on the mobile web and within mobile apps.

The proficient monetization of these apps provides revenue source for mobile app developers, which is crucial for the growth of developers. This is achieved with the ad solutions provided by different companies to promote their products on mobile devices. The ad networks provide these services to focus on serving ads on the mobile web and within mobile apps. App monetization models and strategies should be chosen and built into your app before its launch in the respective app stores. When your brain has made up and app is completed according to the standards, you will face the need of some ad solutions in the market to reach the optimum place.

Types of Mobile App Monetization models

No one can rely on just one type of monetization as it always depends on the factors as stated above.
In app advertisements are generally made for games as it’s more likely for a user to buy the full version if he is really interested. Freemium model works best on the education apps and similarly free apps works best for the e-commerce platforms.

  • Paid App- Paid apps can only work if the application created is really unique and classy. Also the platform also matters on determining the prices.
  • In app advertisements- Advertise once on other apps/games/sites. Once a user downloads that app, monetization starts here by making that user to buy for other premium or advanced features.
  • Ad based revenue- Works like a charm if your app is highly popular. Developers can monetize their app by displaying banner ads, video ads, push notification ads on their app. a great monetization tool.
  • Social ads- Developers can use their social ads and generate great revenue within their application.
  • Sponsors- Sponsors can play a great role in mobile app monetization if targeted to the specific niche.

Mobile App Monetization by Stratoshear

At stratoshear we put our heads together to help you monetize your app so that you can monetize your investments. With a highly dedicated and experienced team and even more competitive tools and products we help you maximize the app revenues and increase the customer loyalty.
A great app monetization process can help in taking off the heavy loads of marketing the app from the developer’s shoulders. Stratoshear is extremely passionate in doing the same.
With the core solutions on mobile app monetization, we help you fundamentally grow your business and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.
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