Mobile Ads

Mobile ads-Empowering the realm of marketing.

Advertising has always been a very important function of marketing and with the new avenue available in terms of mobile ads it has become a subject of paramount importance for the marketing team in a company to exploit this new space to its maximum potential because mobiles have become the way people communicate, connect and it has become a new statement symbol in today’s world.
We understand that in this ever changing world and with people becoming more and more techno savvy, mobiles have become an important part of their daily life, to which they are associated with at work, home, car or anywhere and everywhere they go.
With such deep penetration of mobiles in user’s life mobile ads automatically provides marketers with a platform which can be used to their benefit in terms of conveying the message and information about different brands and products to consumers through mobile advertisements.

Importance of Mobile Ads

What makes mobile ads important than any other existing medium is that the very limited space has to be used in the most optimum way so that, the desired message is communicated in the most effective manner.
Mobile advertisements are a sphere which provides marketers with unique approaches to reach newer markets by target specific marketing, product specific marketing and various other models of successful marketing. Industry believes it to be a model which is not only cost effective but also highly efficient and efficacious in getting across the communication to the potential consumer. Moreover the results of the efforts through mobile ads can be traced quickly to ascertain how useful the communication made has been so as to take corrective steps and remain competitive in the market.
With the huge potential in this medium of advertising which is expected to grow by leaps and bound the coming future media and advertising firms are generating new and unexploited avenues to make the communication better and meaningful so as to squeeze the most out of it.

It’s necessary to reach your audience while they are on the go and majority of them goes online with the mobile devices such as smart phones, tablet pc’s etc.
The major categories in which a mobile advertisements can be classified are:

  • High end mobile advertisements- Ads that run for smart phones & other high end devices.
  • WAP mobile devices- Ads that run on the feature phones i.e. The small mobile devices.
Mobile advertisements can be further be categorized on to a third tier:

  • High-end mobile text ads- These are the simple text ads that shows up on the browser of the mobile user.
  • High-end Mobile Banner Ads- These are the image/Banner advertisements that runs in the browser window or even the mobile applications and games. Generally the size of the banner ad is 320 x 50.

WAP sites are much simpler in design and functionality as compared to the websites that run on a desktop.
  • WAP Mobile text ads- call it as a one or two line call to action text ad with 25-30 characters.
  • WAP Mobile image ads
  • Banner/video ads on Mobile WAP sites

Mobile ad Solutions at Stratoshear

Stratoshear specialize in delivering mobile ad solutions to our clients as per the requirements. At stratosphere we work with high end technology to optimize the use and placements of mobile advertisements so as to maximize the returns out of it with minimizing the cost.
We are a team which always come up with creative and innovative advertising solutions as per the product and along with this we also help client in taking a decision, in deciding the kind of advertisement which can and should be used for the product which they are willing to advertise.
We strive to make out the best of available information and we also have solutions to help you with targeted communications by assisting you with the targeted approaches we have for various markets and customers.
We assure you to provide the most cost effective mobile ads solutions for your products which can help your brand and product to see new heights, and all this is done ensuring complete transparency in everything we do.