Mobile Ad Network

Mobile Ad Network

As the name suggests Mobile Ad network is an advertising community of Publishers, Application developers and advertisers which are linked to each other and enjoys mutual benefit over a period of time.
Ad publishers and app developers generate revenues by placing advertisements on their property. While advertisers get benefited by a good reach to their targeted customers and audience.
There are publishers who want to host advertisements on their websites or even WAP sites. The Mobile ad network allows them to connect to the advertisers. Publishers act to the request of the advertisers and supply them the ad space according to their demand.
Stratoshear brings you a mobile ad Network that uses a central advertisement server to deliver ads to customers and it also enables the online tracking, targeting and impression count in various & detailed ways. Also it responds to a site only once the page is called.
Recent statistics suggests that the mobile ad networks is growing at the rate of 18% per annum in the global display advertising market.

Types of Mobile Ad networks

Vertical Mobile Ad networks – It displays publications in their portfolio with full transparency for the advertiser about the places where the mobile ads will run.

Blind Mobile Ad Network - It is known for their low pricing, achieved through large bulk buys of typically remnant inventory.

Blind Mobile Ad Networks - They are usually driven by cost per click measures. They comprise of various small publishers, advertisers in an excessively larger numbers. Publishers can choose the niche of the ad/ad category but they cannot choose the exact ad to display on their site. It can serve as an awesome solution to drive in impressions at larger volumes to the mobile ad campaign.

Premium Blind Mobile Ad Network - Generally works on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and is intended to offer high traffic publishers and hence is used for gaining more powerful brand advertising results. A mobile advertiser can purchase either blind or semi-blind types of ads of their choice on the mobile site of their choice. These types of mobile ad networks also allow cost per click (CPC) and cost per install (CPI) options.

Premium Mobile Ad Network - It involves only high quality mobile publishers like that of portal site, mobile apps. They work on cost per impression and hence are costly as compared to other.

MOBIADZ-Global Mobile advertising network by Stratoshear
  • Strong mobile publisher database
  • Ad display as well as ad search options
  • Targeted delivery of Mobile ads
  • Localized mobile content to local users
  • Helps you to monetize your investments through its innovative & dynamic functionality