Mobile Advertising

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising can help you reach your audience through the devices and services that connect them to their worlds. Consumers are attached to their mobile devices – it’s how they communicate with family, friends, and colleagues, and stay current with the news and networks they care about. Mobile advertisements like mobile banner ads provide a unique opportunity to connect with consumers on a personal level, with ads that reflect their on-the-go need states and moments of decision. Through StratosHear, mobile advertisingis precise and powerful, with the ability to target by demographics, location, device, and behavior across mobile devices. These mobile ads allow targeting, tracking and reporting of impressions in ways not possible with other alternatives.

Types of Mobile Advertisements

It’s necessary to reach your audience while they are on the go and majority of them goes online with the mobile devices such as smart phones, tablet pc’s etc.
The major categories in which a mobile ad can be classified are:

  • High end mobile ads- Ads that run for smart phones & other high end devices.
  • WAP mobile devices- Ads that run on the feature phones i.e. The small mobile devices.
Mobile ads can be further be categorized on to a third tier:

  • High-end mobile text ads- These are the simple text ads that shows up on the browser of the mobile user.
  • High-end Mobile Banner Ads- These are the image/Banner advertisements that runs in the browser window or even the mobile applications and games. Generally the size of the banner ad is 320 x 50.

WAP sites are much simpler in design and functionality as compared to the websites that run on a desktop.
  • WAP Mobile text ads- call it as a one or two line call to action text ad with 25-30 characters.
  • WAP Mobile image ads
  • Banner/video ads on Mobile WAP sites

How can Stratoshear help you in Advertising on Mobile?

A Mobile Ad campaign can either make or break your online reputation as a whole. The effectiveness of which lies in the proper market research about the targeted customers, great work ethics, algorithm and work methods, a strong market hold and an excellent tool to cater all your Ad campaign needs. To tell you the least Stratoshear excels in all.
With our unique platform that has a very strong, advanced targeting and profiling engine, We ensure that your Mobile Ads are delivered to the apt people through the apt channels. We cater for all your advertising needs through our competitive and a global mobile ad network known as MobiAdz.
Service excellence, Product innovation and passion lies in our DNA. Contact us and enjoy a 360 degree Advertising solution on a Teleco as well as Non-Teleco Ad platform.